Slices of Science Presents… The Science of Adulting!

A brand new podcast detailing the scientific reasoning between adults and their daily activities.

During this podcast, Nick, Oreal, Shakira, and Asha will be discussing the many scientific aspects of adulting. We each broke off into four different segments beginning with Shakira discussing the effects of Adderall amongst college students. Followed by Nick discussing the science behind laundry, and why maybe you should consider utilizing natural products. Oreal comes throufh and discusses the effects of alcohol in our bodies and what happens if we drink a little too much. We wrap up our podcast with Asha discussing the need for sleep and why it is important for our bodies due to many adults not getting their full 8 hours of restful sleep.

Sources and Further Reading by segment:

The Science and usage behind Alcohol

 Alcohol and your Body

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What is Alcohol

Safety and Data Sheet (PDF)

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Reference Term – alcohol

Alcohol and Your Body

Uses of Adderall and Effects

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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The Science Behind Adderall Addiction

Academic Doping On The Rise: Number Of Students Abusing ADHD Drugs Increasing (YouTube)

The Science Behind Laundry

Harmful Chemicals within laundry detergent

The Science behind Dryer Sheets

How is Fabric Softener made and what does it do?

Chemistry within Laundry

The Clean Green Podcast ep 157 “The Science behind laundry detergent and softener:

Sleeping as Adults

Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency:

Changing your sleeping habits:

Brain Basics: Understanding Sleeping:

Fitbit App updated with new tools for tracking sleep cycle

Short and Long-term health consequences of sleep disruption

Is sleep a luxury that college students cannot afford?

Podcast Transcription:

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