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“A bunch of guys who love talking about science”

In Team Science Podcast, Jonathan Arcese, Frederick Torres, Sandro Rodriguez, James Gappa, and Jackson Baker dive into the world of science and how exactly it is communicated in today’s world. We split our show up into two episodes. Our first episode focuses on Twitter and how effective of a platform it is to spread scientific messages. In this episode, the guys go through a series of selected tweets and discuss their thoughts and opinions among each other.

Team Science Podcast Episode 1

In episode two of Team Science Podcast, James Gappa and Jackson Baker hosted an interview Q&A with the Chair of the Physics Department at SUNY Oswego, Shahi Kanbar. The episode revolved around black holes based off the image of the black hole which was published earlier last month.

Team Science Podcast Episode 2

Further Reading

Jackson’s Tweet from Episode 1
Tweet discussed between Chair of the Physics Department in Episode 2

Article on the Black Hole

Algorithm Behind Black Hole

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